“I have gone to Advanced Pain for 5 years and they NEVER ordered any imaging! When I met Dr. Patel the first time he immediately ordered a MRI. I went back two weeks later and he reviewed it with me. I learned more in two visits with Dr. Patel than the previous five years. This place is GREAT! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gabby in scheduling was very nice and helpful with my first appointment, she got me in so fast. Everyone else in the office have been very nice and helpful also. Dr. Patel cares so much about his patients, it’s Awesome!”
Mark Broad

Everything they’ve done for me has seriously exceeded my expectations. For eight years now my care with OK Pain and Wellness has been on the money correct and I was well informed every step of the way.

L. Jones


“Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center providers are truly concerned about your pain and helping you get relief. They take time to listen to you and are very amicable. The support staff are all also very nice, courteous and respectful.”


“I had seen 2 other pain doctors in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for my disk bulges. None of them helped me: they just threw pills at me and wanted to do shots. Dr. Patel doesn’t mind spending the time. I was not sure at first, since he was so optimistic…but the results speak for themselves….he suggested a diagnostic block and then referred me for the correct surgery: I am 2 years out with no pain.”


Dr. Patel cares deeply about each and every patient. He is very competent. Without Dr. Patel’s detailed care, I feel very confident my quality of life would be horrific. By pinpointing my pain, and treating my back, He has given me the ability to function more efficiently. He is amazing, unlike other back doctors whom just wants to treat the pain, he continuously tries to eliminate the cause of the pain, and correct it.


“I have been dealing with chronic back pain for almost 2 years now and I was sent from Dr to Dr because no one could find what was wrong with me. I was given medication that didn’t work from other Drs and Physical therapy did not work. So I was finally referred to Oklahoma pain and Wellness. On my first visit I was in tears from the pain being so bad, but I did not have MRI reports on file, so I went to get those reports and the staff in appointments made sure that I did not leave until some one helped me in controlling my pain. Thanks so much to them, they didn’t have to do that and went out of their way to make sure I felt better. I had a WONDERFUL 1st time experience there and for the 1st time in 2 years I was treated like a human being by another human being who truly cared! Thank you!”


“My experience at the Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center was excellent, ranging from the receptionist all the way to Dr. Patel himself. Dr. Patel is very knowledgeable when it comes to numerous pain management strategies and he employed a balanced approach of injection therapy along with medication adjustments to restore my function. He is also very courteous and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone.”

“I have had the privilege and honor of knowing Dr. Patel in the hospital environment where we both worked, and then later as one of his patients. In both arenas, I have personally witnessed his expertise, knowledge, and compassion for those he served. With Dr. Patel, you are more than just another number. You are an individual person with individual needs, of which he is totally concerned about. I would recommend Dr. Patel totally and completely to any person who desires exceptional, high quality care!”

“I love this office and the doctor. They have helped me a great deal.”

“As parents, this pain our daughter has been in is heart-wrenching. Thank you for trying so hard to accommodate us. We know you spent more time than normal. You care. Thank you. We sincerely thank you and so look forward to our daughter living a life more comfortable.”

“Thank you so much! Everything you sent was very helpful to me and my wife. We researched everything online and I’m really excited that these procedures will hopefully take some major pain off my back. Also, the refill line will help greatly. Thank you, you have been a wonderful help. I’m so used to getting the cold shoulder when it comes to Drs. and their employees. I look forward to finally being with a caring pain management facility. Thanks again so much!”

“I have been with Oklahoma Pain and Wellness for almost a year and I believe they have very good doctors. I have multiple issues with my bones, and we are getting things in line. I believe we will find a plan that works for me… Very nice and great bed side manors.”

“I am so thankful to Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center for everything they have done for me, making my life a whole lot more manageable physically, as well as comfortable.”


“He is a new doctor who moved here from Manhattan. He is extremely nice and his bedside manner is exceptional. He has really helped me. I highly recommend him.”

“I could not walk without a walker before I met Dr. Patel. He performed minimally invasive procedures on me and now I don’t even use a cane.”

“I had a compression fracture and was referred to several surgeons who just gave me a brace. I then had a friend refer me to Dr. Patel. He fixed it the next day and I was pain- free 10 minutes after the procedure. That pain was the worst experience I had in my life…..Dr. Patel is a very special man.”

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for everything you have done for me. Today is the day after my first round of radio-frequency ablations and I have not even needed as much Advil. You are one of the only office that has treated my pain and not tried to mask it with medications. Now I am hoping to get pregnant soon and am loving each day without pain meds and back pain!”

“I have received excellent, compassionate care at Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center. I am a patient of Dr. Van Doren and Procedure physician Dr.Chen. My hip injection procedure’s were the most effective I have ever had. Chronic pain is a very complicated problem and every patient is different. As a registered nurse with 20 years experience, it’s easy to tell providers who care and are eager to do their very best, based on your individual needs. Oklahoma Pain & Wellness gets an A+ in my experience.” – Walter Dirion

Just want to say that I feel very Blessed to have Dr Patel team involved in my care. I’ve been with Dr Patel since 2010. I could not be happier. They have always been good to take care of my needs. As I get older more “pains ” surface and they have been dealt with as well. So again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I TRULY APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU DO FOR ME. – Patty

The staff at Oklahoma Pain and Wellness proof to be as professional. At the other pain management office I went to I waited much longer for a response to my messages. The nurses only used an answering machine and not using the Internet met not getting the response to my messages unless I sat by my phone. If I use the telephone It is always answered by a nurse, during offices hours. The nurse, Theresa M, who responds to the emails is quick to answers the emails and get an email back to you. She is polite and very informative with her answers. I want to thank Theresa M. and all the other staff for giving hope to my Migraines, because of them I’m able to have more of a life with enjoyment. – Trena Schelin

What a pleasant visit. Dr. Patel was attentive, and seemed very interested in the physical discomfort I have been in for the better part of three year’s. The office staff was well prepared and had reviewed what records they had of mine. A great first visit. Thanks! – Robert Graham

Dr,Yarborough has been my primary care taken for past 13years now you could not ask for a better doctor.he has always taken my health first and my overall well being.he takes his time with you,he listens and most of all he cares how you feel physically and mentally. Out of numerous doctors seen for my conditions he’s been the best. – Victor Iagrone

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