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The Center is dedicated to a holistic approach to pain management.  The medical director brings years of experience from Boston, New York and Tulsa.  The staff are dedicated to high quality of care run by a board certified physician.  We offer a full service pain management service where we offer injection therapy and pharmacologic therapies in the management of acute and chronic pain.  The center offers guidance in chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, massage therapy and psychological counseling.

The Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center is dedicated to the mission of reducing prescription drug abuse in our community.  The center is a licensed site for urine toxicology screening.  We uphold the highest standards in  preventing drug diversion and abuse.  This is to protect our most vulnerable citizens who are misdirected when they are in their time of most need.

“I could not walk without a walker before I met Dr. Patel. He performed minimally
invasive procedures on me and now I don’t even use a cane.”
– Tulsa Patient


Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Durable Medical Equipment (OPW-DME) bring stability to a medical industry that has been hit with a steady flow of reimbursement and price inconsistency issues. We allow Physicians the comfort of knowing that they have a dependable medical device company that ensures consistent costing and ready availability from trusted manufacturers. This allows Physicians to focus on what matters most, superior medical care for each and every patient.

OPW-DME Device Benefit Solutions

Physician Issue

  1. Growing Financial Responsibility to the Patient
  2. Inappropriate Implementation
  3. Restricted Cash Flow
  4. Continuous Support for active devices
  5. Procedure Volumes keep minimizing
  6. Limited Access to Medical Devices

OPW-DME Solution

  1. OPW-DME informs the physician of the related costs so that the physicians can offer the best individual cost effective solution to the patient.
  2. OPW-DME offers location of care information to physicians whom specialize in specific procedures, thus delivering cost effective and medically superior results
  3. OPW-DME will infer the financial risk of the devices and will store them until needed. This allows Physicians to have access to more capital for other uses.
  4. OPW-DME provides continuous service support, upgrades, replacement parts, therapeutic concerns, and consumer service needs
  5. OPW-DME is an on demand inventory solution for procedures that do not warrant in-house stocking of medical devices
  6. OPW-DME ensures that physicians have detailed, and valuable information from top notch and reliable venders to select implantable devices that best fits each patient.

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