Back Pain

This evidence review focuses on evaluation and management of low back pain in adults. The American Pain Society (APS), which commissioned this report, used it to develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on evaluation and management of low back pain. The guidelines were developed in two stages. The first stage, published in October 2007, focused on initial (primary care) evaluation and management of low back pain, and was conducted in partnership with the American College of Physicians. The second stage, published in May 2009, focused on use of interdisciplinary rehabilitation, interventional therapies, and surgery for low back pain.

“I have always had a good experience at the office. I have seen Dr. Patel for about 7 years and I think he is the greatest! I would recommend him to anyone!”
– Charesa


“I have been struggling with a herniated disk (later a ruptured disk) for almost three YEARS, and had been trying to put off surgery for as long as I could. Ms. McBride, (and the doctors) at OK Pain and Wellness has been a tremendous support, both medically and emotionally, leading up to the surgery. She helped with the pain management, and was a wonderful emotional support to me as I was very worried about undergoing a major spinal surgery. Her calm but firm touch made all the difference in the world in comforting my fears about the surgery. She is sharp as a tack, and is very meticulous and careful in her analysis and recommendations. I find the entire team to be a tremendous support team for those in critical pain, and would wholeheartedly recommend them for Pain Management.”


“I have had some serious back pain for the last year. After trying to see several doctors, nobody would help me or even try and see me. I call OPW and got an appointment to see Dr. Amen. The first time I met him, I was totally impressed. He listened to my complaint and conducted a very thorough exam. He set me up for a long term rehabilitation plan which I am following to the letter. In just a few months, I have seen some improvement and am now finally able to exercise again. If you have any injury, I would definitely recommend Dr. Amen and the staff at OPW to treat you, he has already changed my life!”




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