Addiction Medicine and Counseling at Oklahoma Pain and Wellness

Oklahoma Pain and Wellness offers a holistic approach to Tulsa pain management patients. Many patients after years of opioid use find that they are addicted to the very medication that assisted them in functioning. They are not left alone to deal with these issues. Oklahoma Pain and Wellness has added an Addiction Medicine component to the Tulsa pain management and Wellness program. This program includes three Board Certified Addiction Medicine doctors and two Licensed Counselors. The program takes a holistic approach with a Medication Assisted Therapy Program that includes the highly important component of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and additional counseling techniques. Patients are not only prescribed Buprenorphine but also prescribed counseling. Counseling services consist of:

Substance Abuse Assessments – Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessments are provided to determine the presence of alcohol or drug dependence and the level of care needed. Assessments are accompanied with a descriptive narrative for the use of doctors, attorneys or other professionals upon request.

Individual Counseling – One on One sessions, in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting are provided to assist the individual to reclaim a positive path in a variety of areas of life, including substance abuse, emotional and mental health, employment, medical, family and social issues. Each individual session is tailored to meet the needs of the person and is accompanied by a comprehensive treatment plan to guide the way.

Group Counseling – Small therapeutic groups are offered to assist individuals in learning new techniques to identify and overcome triggers, to meet the challenges of lifestyle changes, and learn to transform addictive behaviors into new healthy choices. Groups are designed to meet each individual where they are and assist them in achieving their goals. By using the natural instinct of humans to congregate, group therapy is a powerful tool that is used to promote wellness by the members becoming aware of the recovery of others and discussing the positive and negative outcomes each have found.

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