Tulsa Pain Medication | What Customers Love Most

Are you looking for Tulsa pain medication. Well I have the perfect answer for you right here at the of pain and wellness center where Oklahoma pain and wellness is truly dedicated to a holistic approach to pain. And they’ve celebrated the celebrated Art Deco period that facility is heated and cooled by an in-ground geothermal. Well field deep below the parking lot. No fossil fuels are used on site. And all of the equipment and products are purchased locally or in America. That facility makes each effort.
The facility makes each makes an effort to really hone in on each and every different aspect of the pain management system here so that we can make sure that we’re getting you the correct Tulsa pain medication so that you’re not just taking things you don’t need and getting you know also pain medication is given to you by people who you don’t trust. Let the Tulsa pain medication specialist right here at the pain and wellness center help you find the right Tulsa pain medication to help. Your pain so that you don’t feel it coming back. You can let it subside.
Also pain medication has never been easier than it is right now a day of pain and wellness center because all you have to do is go online. The patient portal and sign up there for free appoint for appointment and free consultation. You can also call at 9 1 8 9 3 5 3 2 4 0 or go to OK pain and wellness doc calm but it’s just such a great place you can see they have a bunch of stuff in there about the page so you can see the providers insurance companies things of that nature and it’s really kind of refreshing to be able to see this stuff because now you know who you’re dealing with. And you know Leslie Chan joins the Oklahoma pain and wellness center from southwest Missouri and he brings considerable skills of eight years of experience in the field of pain management and anesthesiology. Dr. Jane graduated from the National University of Singapore medicine school medical school and completed his anesthesia training in Singapore before coming to the United States. So very very well-qualified. He is on the board now.
And he has a number of different procedures that he is fluent in and very proficient in. So you know you get a chance to see his specialties what he’s really good at whether it be Caple Plassy joint in Jackson’s Bersa injections peripheral nerves.
Lumbar trance forming Dural injections. We can do all of that and he’s perfectly.
Qualified to do that as well.
Now we have him on Wasif here as well and he’s a wonderful guy who graduated from summa cum laude.
From the.
From the Faculty of Medicine at Ames Shems University Cairo Egypt. So when school overseas then came over here and has knocked it out of the park everyone loves him he’s married and has three kids and enjoys outdoor activities with his family in addition to international travel. Now we have a soon to hear. Daftari. Medical doctor. He also works with us here. We do have Jane Patel which is one of our you know most famous in his final year of school. He expanded his clinical activities to include medical missions in Kenya in Peru. So I mean what a great guy I mean he’s seen it all seen and done it all. So if you haven’t had a chance to meet him or see what he does feel free to check him out. Jane Vatel great guy right here at Oklahoma. Pain and wellness center in call 9 1 8 9 3 5 3 2 4 0 to set an appointment today.