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Are you needing a pain medication. Well look no further than right here at the great specialists here at the home of pain Wellness Center. Now you can see a number of different options they have on here if you’re dealing with back pain then this evidence review focuses on the evaluation and management of low back pain in the adult people. Now the American Pain Society A.P.M. who commissioned this report used it to develop evidence based clinical guidelines on evaluation and management of low back pain. The guidelines were developed in two stages first stage published on October 2007 focused on initial evaluation and management of low back pain and was conducted to help them get through the second. You know not only dilation but how to really manage it. And in 2007 there was a guideline thing published so that you could see this now in May 2009 there was a second stage of that pub was to focus on the interdisciplinary rehabilitation so understanding how you can take the small steps yourself in daily life to be able to prevent that pain from happening any longer once it is relieved.
Now how great is that.
And that stuff that you can learn right here at the wonderful specialists at our panel on the or so Tulsa pain medication is no longer necessarily a must.
You can find out how you can get away from the pain not just from the pain medication but from things you can do on the daily so that you don’t even have to have a pain medication.
You can simply get better by rehabilitative guidelines and management yourself. And that is a thing of beauty that you don’t have to be necessarily you know dependent upon the pills. You don’t have to be on Tulsa pain medication. You can figure other ways to deal with the pain yourself. And you know that’s what we want to teach here is a better way to deal with pain and show you how you can get through and reclaim your life back and find the zeal in life. You know Teresa says here that she’s always had a good experience at the office and she’s seen Dr. Patel about seven years now and she thinks he is literally the greatest doctor ever and she would recommend him to anyone who had any type of pain. And that’s a pretty broad statement. But that just goes to show how happy and satisfied the customer is at home the pain loss and her are with our wonderful services now. If you want to schedule an appointment you can go online to the Web site.
OK Panem almost dot com. And click on the schedule an appointment button and that will get you an appointment scheduled right there. Now you can also go over the phone to 9 1 8 9 3 5 3 2 4 0 and you can do it that way as well but just know that any time you need tons of pain medication this is the place to get it at and get help with it here right here. The Oklahoma pain and wellness center.
So if you haven’t had a chance to get on down and see us you can come see us right here at our location at 21 11:00 East 15th street sweep 102.
You can also call toll free at 8 4 4 4 6 5 7 2 4 6.
You can get in touch with any one of those ways. And we really hope that you do.