Tulsa pain management : Ep-7 Part 7

OK what is a pain. What’s the material in pain. What’s the metal.

Been on Titaniums has got very little reactivity with the body and it’s light too. And so it doesn’t doesn’t degrade with time and like steel or you know or copper or.

Bronze. Have you ever had a patient. I mean it’s also a Tulsa pain management alert to the material and in the plant the metal.

Personally no but I’ve had patients who have had less reaction from other providers. And typically what I’ve seen have done is they put a little sleeve around a silicone sleeve around the pump that is made for these kind of patients and then kind of slits that can insulate the pump from the body so that they won’t have a logical reaction to the material.

And what makes the pain pump work is there a battery.

Yep there’s battery battery and there’s a little rule that just runs according to how much you program it to deliver my location. It’s not rechargeable so that’s all you got to replace it every seven years. And you know this Palmes been around for decades so they have a very good track record of safety and reliability.

So patient calls Tulsa pain management and they want to be seen but they only want medication they don’t want injections. How do we how does management help the patient understand what’s needed for them.

We were fine with that. I mean we we do medication management as well. We have several doctors that do. Whose expertise lies in medication management. Me personally more interventional and I do some medication management for patients with higher risk and higher doses I defer to the other providers. So you know we’re fine with that. You know what we do take a careful history and make sure that there are no risks for addiction. You can tell right now there’s an epidemic of addiction stemming from the use of narcotics prescribed by doctors. So we are very careful as we take a history make sure the patient is at low risk. And we also do drug testing just to make sure that you know the patient is not using drugs and not telling us or the drugs or taking pills of the providers are using any illegal drugs. And for patients with addiction we do have the clinics particularly for this medication that was called Suboxone buprenorphine. It is a drug that is used to treat opiate addiction. It’s also good for pain control because it is still an opiate or a narcotic. So for this we have providers whose specialty is for patients with addiction on top of chronic pain. And we also have counselors who help with the screening you know taking history making sure that people are not at risk. And also to counsel patient if they have addiction. So can I help them kind of kick the habit.

OK. I understand Tulsa pain management. Do you recommend doing procedures and medicines or only one or the other.

I recommend doing both. If is indicated so are the reasons being that we attack the pain from a multi faceted multimodal approach. That way we don’t have to rely on just one because we one you can either use more of a dose. So if we use a little bit of everything in combination we can kind of not over prescribe one medication. And of course you know medication can only go so far. So I think it’s slightly better to treat the source of the pain versus just treating the symptoms.

Tulsa pain management OK. I’m at Oklahoma painfulness we do offer addiction medication. We have three doctors that came on around June or July last year and we have doctors say no Amen we have Dr. Brian VanDoren and Dr. William Yarbro. We treat addiction with Suboxone. We treat it with an orphan. There’s several different names for Zubkov so you’ll probably know many medications. There’s generic name brand. Some people that are good candidates for it come into our office. They came they started using pain medicine usually honestly they had a car wreck. They had a failed surgery. They start taking opiates. And the only place to go is up for them so they have to continually increase their medication or take more than prescribed and they get to the point where the opiates are no longer working or they can’t get them. They get they they run out of medicine early. So they then start using other medications or actually illicit drugs such as methamphetamine they’ll use heroin usually wherever they can find to help them and usually it’s not only to get high it is to help treat their pain. So when you come into our office you’re seeing Dr. Chan you’ve came in wants do you have a bad drug screen you’re positive for methamphetamine. A lot of times it’s education will bring you back and we might random a pill count make sure you’re taking your medicine like you’re supposed to say you come in in a couple of more months than Again you’re positive for methamphetamine or you’re positive for hair one doctor can would then refer you to one of our addiction providers.

They all treat addiction in the same manner we usually decide who you’re going to go see based on your insurance or availability and how quickly you need to be seen. So then you come and see our addiction providers and they’ll decide what’s better for you if suboxone is good for you if you’ve been an orphan or is absolved. And a lot of times the determination for what medicine medicine you’re in to be put on is going to be based again on your insurance what your insurance is going to cover. We have a lot of patients who come in they take Suboxone twice a day. It’s not enough. They still have cravings. They need one more day. Their insurance won’t cover it. At that point they then their insurance covers 60 and they pay 30. They pay for 30 of them out of their pocket. OK so as far as our addiction medicine we we don’t have one of those providers here we’re probably going to do another podcast with those providers and let them talk a little bit and explain it a little bit more to you. This is really new to us so we’re learning along with with them they’re teaching us everything as we go along. So addiction medicine is something we offer and we will follow up at a later time with a podcast to get a little bit more detailed with that.

So anyway thanks for our talk on addiction medicine though. So we’re going to wrap now. And again thanks for listening to us. So remember that if you want to use any Tulsa pain management you need pain misery in Tulsa. You can either just google Oklahoma pinin one the center or call this number at 9 1 8 9 3 5 3 2 4 0.

Thank you