Spinal Cord Stimulator in Tulsa | are you looking for a spinal cord stimulator?

At at Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center you are going to be pleased to know that we offer these services of implanting a spinal cord stimulator in Tulsa. We are going to be able to provide this service for you. With our top-notch physicians Dr. Patel actually went to school in Boston and spent numerous years studying this kind of pain management.

Dr. Patel graduated from Boston University school of medicine he completed his pre-clinical education with the faculty of Boston University and did many clinical rotations at Boston medical Center. He then traveled to Kenya and Peru on medical missions where he was able to help these Third World countries and these lost tribe to obtain medical treatment for their variety of ailments. Dr. Patel event continued his training at Mount Sinai school of medicine in Manhattan New York where he completed his general surgery training. He then went on to study in the galaxy at New York University and is a board-certified anesthesiologist. Many doctors do not have this benefit amount of training which makes Dr. Patel the most versatile Dr. you are going to be able to find in our area, and also be best candidate for your spinal cord simulator in Tulsa.

Dr. Patel specific interests lie in ultrasound guided nerve blocks, pain management, neuromodulation and headache treatment. He is one of the you doctors in Tulsa that will be able to provide you with a spinal cord stimulator in Tulsa. This is going to be a very delicate procedure but fortunately for you Dr. Patel have done that thousands of time. This is going to be an amazing treatment that is going to be life altering for you. This is going to be an implant that will help eliminate the extraordinary back pain you are suffering with on a daily basis.

Thin wires will be carrying a electrical current from a pulse generator to the nerve fibers in the spinal cord. This is going to operate much like a pacemaker does on the heart. Except for this is going to help alleviate your back pain by massaging the nerves and numbing them to the point where you will not know that you are actually experiencing back pain. This minor electric therapy will be able to trick your brain into thinking that there is no actual pain.

Our amazing team including Dr. Patel is looking forward to being able to help you with your pain needs at our office. You are going to want to check out our website at www.okpainandwellness.com/ where you are going to be able to find the number of amazing reviews that we have from our patients that we have been able to treat. While you’re there you’re going to want to review all of the video testimonials these are going to be an emotional and engaging video that will our patients will tell you in their own words how we were able to help. Or call and speak to one of our compassionate team members to schedule your appointment at 918-935-3240.