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We have a special device here at Oklahoma pain and wellness center, and it is a spinal cord simulator in Tulsa. This stimulates the spinal cord nerve with tiny, itty, bitty electrical impulses from small electrical wires that are placced at the base of and justyou will a little above your spinal cord in the epidural space. They can be programmed to generate electrical fields, so if you’d like to find out more information about this, please give a call at (918)935-3240, where we can more detail educate you
About the spinal cord simulator in Tulsa.

If you have been experiencing chronic and severe neuropathic pain and you have not been able to respond to conservative treatmentcause pain and damage to tissues. You may qualify for a spinal cord stimulator procedure to be done to you. Because the purpose of a spinal cord stimulator is to help generate a low level electric field to interrupt nerve communication of pain signals on their way to the brain. There are two different procedures that only people experiencing issues with her spinal cord will receive, these are spinal cord simulator in Tulsa trial, any spinal stimulator permanent implantation.

If the patient has failed more conservative treatment options then people start the trial of final stimulation. You don’t want to put an extremely expensive device permanently into the patient is absolutely necessary. By using a temporary where we get the patient an opportunity to experience spinal cord stimulation without having to receive a full spinal cord implantation. If you’d like to read a little more about this process may go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com, where we had detailed this process and what it is exactly invented that you can see from the homeland.

Our patients to use a spinal cord stimulator have very high chances of seeing success. Many patients who have used the spinal cord simulator in Tulsa trial have seen success misfiled it is not necessary to have a permanent implantation. We are just looking for a significant increase in activity tolerance where we can decrease the need to depend on pain medication. This procedure just take about 15 minutes to an hour, in a permanent implantation will take about 45 minutes to 2 hours. There is some pain involved in this process, because we are certain you with needles, so after the numbing agent wears off you may experience soreness, swelling or bruising.

By getting you started on your spinal cord stimulator trial today, you’ll be able to help provide stimulation and electrical waves through your spinal cord and helped to fuel pump, and be able to provide you pain relief once again. Because by doing a spinal course stimulator we are walking the pain receptors brain. So give us a call today at our (918)935-3240, or go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com. We are excited and will be persistent and seeing success for you. We cannot comment. 100% success, but our patients to see a high success rate. And the only sometimes should be experienced after will be slight bruising and soreness.