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For you aware, that Oklahoma pain and wellness center offers high frequency of spinal cord stimulation therapy? That’s right, they absolutely do exhibition point because traditional spinal cord stimulation have established pain treatment that not only is is able to deliver quick electrical pulses to the spinal cord, but this alters transmissions of abnormal pain signals to the brain. This is very helpful for a lot of individuals who are experiencing painful convulsions, or spasms. So if you are looking for a spinal cord simulator in Tulsa, you have found it here at the Oklahoma pain and wellness center in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We want you to check this out, because a spinal cord simulator in Tulsa is usually extremely expensive, and there’s no way that your local physicians somehow to their office. Now this therapy typically it delivers electrical pulses below 1200 hz. However it only math the patient sensation. And so, if you will want to experience one of these simulators, you should contact Oklahoma pain and wellness center, because we offer this to all of our patients who qualify.

If you’d like to find out more information about our spinal cord simulator in Tulsa, how it works, how much be charged to use it, as well as the benefits that you will see for mental Mitre website. Our website have an entire web page and dedicated it to answering questions and giving you information about this spinal cord simulator. Now we did take her information from the Nevro Corp’s 2016 Press kit, if you’d like to find the full story you can go to their website. However, once you find out more information about the simulator, you’ll understand how it works, and that it has been confirmed by the FDA to be far superior to traditional spinal cord simulator therapy.

Now if you’d like to hear from claim to could have possibly use of the service, and loved it, go online for website. When you go online to okpainandwellness.com, you will see you the web page discussing informational talking about, as well as hundreds of testimonial videos. These testimonial videos, and online reviews can be very helpful for you. The phone number for the patient who left the review is listed, so if you would like to speak with an yourself, ask them your own personal questions you are able to do so. The allow all of our future patients or clients to do this, so that they can hear it straight from their mouth how it diesel services have helped them.

Especially when it comes to spending money, you want to be careful what you send it on. You want to do your research, make sure that the claims that they are making are presented by fax. So allow Oklahoma pain and wellness center to provide you the facts. It go online to okpainandwellness.com and see them for yourself. You can also contact us by calling (918) 935-3240. However if you are looking to find proof, go to the source themselves, and called patients who have left their phone number on the website.