Shoulder injections in Tulsa | Lift your shoulder high

This content was written for Oklahoma pain and wellness Center

We provide many joint injections are your hips, knees, carpal tunnel, and for your shoulders. Oklahoma pain and wellness center has been one of the most highly rated shoulder injections in Tulsa service providers. A joint injection is where a medication or a steroid is inserted into the any two bones that are surrounded by a joint capsule. We use a needle to penetrate through the muscle tissue, to cause any further pain. If you’d like to get a call and find out how you may qualify for one of these instructions give us a call at (918)935-3240.

The server that is usually used is meant to help reduce inflammation and/or swelling of the tissue in the joint area. It will help you reduce pain and other symptoms such as irritation and surrounding structures. A shoulder injections in Tulsa can provide a quick injection that will only take a few minutes. So if you have just 10 minutes in your day to spare, we can help
provide immediate results in the relief of the shoulder you are receiving a pain. You will see a little discomfort from the shoulder injections, because although we do use a very thin needle and the surrounding area are inserting something enter muscles deeper tissues so after the numbing agents where off you will experience a little soreness around the projected area for up to five days.

We will not knock you out for any shoulder and injections Tulsa will provide, because it is not a long procedure take up to 10 minutes and we use an extremely small gauge needle. Then your shoulder is more accessible than is we were operating on your knees, ankles, our toes we will have you sitting up the entire time. We make sure and clean off the area that we will be injecting and then we will minutes using local anesthetic. It will take you a few days before use the results. But you will see your payment decreased after using this steroid shoulder injections in Tulsa.

Unless you experience complications after the procedure you should be able to return to work immediately the only thing that you’ll be struggling more is soreness from the injection site. The medication or steroid that we use called cortisone starts working in about 3 to 5 days. The results and effects will last from several days to several months. You may need more than one injection, because the first injection does not relieve your symptoms in two or three weeks you may be recommended to have one more injection. We want to make sure that your body is responding properly to the amount of dosage of cortisone and injections to ensure residual pain.

If you’re wondering if you can receive more than three joint injections at one time we highly encourage you not to. In a 6 to 12 months. We really do not like to perform more than three injections. Because the amount of service that we are putting interbody is meant to last from several weeks to several months. And if you are not seeing any benefits after three injections it is highly likely that your body just is not accepting this treatment. So go online for website@okpainandwellness.com for you can schedule your visit for a free consultation today.