Procedure where they burn the nerves in Tulsa | intercoastal nerve block

This content was written for Oklahoma pain and wellness.

If you’re looking for a procedure where they burn the nerves in Tulsa, you are in luck! Oklahoma pain and wellness is one of Oklahoma’s top medical care facilities that provide many different procedures, injections, and addiction recovery programs. That medical care center is state-of-the-art, and have all of the newest technologies, equipment, tools, resources, and materials so that the can help you experience pain relief, were overcome any obstacle your face right now. And so, if you have been consistently feeling a lot of pain, and so what you were looking physician recommends that you would walk make your nerve endings you are can be looking to Oklahoma pain and wellness to provide the intercostal nerve block procedure.

If you have no idea what that really is, and you would like a little more information where there’s an injection of us to avoid for a mixture of other medications that are located right underneath each bridge. A procedure where they burn the nerves in Tulsa and helps reduce inflammation, swelling, irritation around the intercostal nerves. Our business is located in between the ribs and your chest wall. That this could reduce pain, as well as inflammation and irritation and faulty nerves around the surrounding structures. However, this is not a regular procedure, like you have no need to worry, and you can feel confident in knowing you have some of the most highly trained physicians and doctors working on you.

Now, this injection actually only takes a few minutes, however, you’ll see that this is the procedure where they burn the nerves in Tulsa. Now if you’re wondering what actually is injected, it consists of local anesthetic and certain medication. Just think of it as their own steroid medication cocktail. Now since there is a needle inserted into your deeper tissue surrounding your rib cage, there will be some pain involved, however, we do not make your skin and the surrounding area before we actually inject the solution.

And if you are absolutely terrified of needles, and you are afraid we are going to use a gigantic fix needle, have no fear, because the only is small thin needles here at Oklahoma pain and wellness. Now we hardly ever provide this intercostal mark log with someone to help. Now we can use sedation, however since procedure only takes a few minutes, it will take longer for you to be the under or into sedation and come out of it, rather than just have your local anesthetic.

Definitely questions about this procedure, please feel free to go online to okpainandwellness.com. You can find that on our services and procedures, there is an entire page dedicated to answering regular questions that are normally as by patients who are going to see the procedure. And if you need a little clarification on any of your questions, you can also reach us by calling (918) 935-3240, we want you to feel confident, and stress-free when coming into our office.