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It’s about time we find you a pain specialist in Tulsa that you can trust.
A specialist who is able to diagnose incorrectly, and find an efficient solution to your health problems. When health problems of right to life, they are not expect. You may have been living a healthy normal lifestyle, and then one day you wake up and you start to experience extreme migraines. Nothing changed in your lifestyle, you’re wondering what could be the root of your problems. Now it’s time to get you in touch with a specialist, so call Oklahoma pain and wellness center, at (918)935-3240 for we can schedule you a consultation can perform a physical go through it. We can find what the problem is.

Whether it takes one visit, or five visit we promise that we will find a solution to the root of your problem. We will properly diagnose you, and then Friday with an affordable solution. We do work alongside with many big insurance companies as well as smaller healthcare providers, because we want to be able to provide you a pain specialist in Tulsa at affordable price. Now for most insurance companies, they do not cover a few of our services or procedures. And so if the surgery, procedure or other services that you require is not covered by your insurance provider, then you will have to pay for upfront. We may be able to work out a financial payment plan, but that would be discussed with our front desk service.

When you are experiencing extreme migraines important that you will coincide with a pain specialist in Tulsa, because one of the possibilities that is causing the city, is a pinched nerve, or the degenerative disc in your spine, or maybe something is just not flowing correctly. That is why you need experience well educated professionals are doing, so that they won’t spend hours in all of your financial resources trying to find a problem that could be easily diagnosed. If you’d like to give us a call today after a number we can schedule that first consultation for you because we want to be able to help you as soon as possible and as quickly and efficiently affordable as possible.

So welcome to the Oklahoma pain and wellness center, the moment he created with smiles, and genuine concern. That’s because our pain specialist in Tulsa are some of the best in the industry. That is why we are the most highly rated wellness center in all of Oklahoma. We have worked hard to receive those hygienists rated reviews, throughout the years we have provided excellent service for going above and beyond all of our customers expectations. We not only make sure that all of your needs are covered, but we make sure that they are taking care of the rest are lifetime.

We offer many wonderful services here, such as therapeutic services like massage therapy, psychological counseling, we even offer a drug recovery program. I would really encourage you to go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com, because by doing so will not leave you see a detailed list of all services that we provide, you be able to read it personal testament of how our professionals have been able to help you. Feature the care about you here Oklahoma pain and wellness center is not why we only employ the best pain specialist in Tulsa. The give us a call today, because we want to make sure that we help relieve your pain.