Pain specialist in Tulsa | not your average Joe

This content was written for Oklahoma pain and wellness center

If you’re looking for a pain specialist in Tulsa that will go above and beyond your needs and expectations, get Oklahoma pain and wellness Center a call. Because we provide some of the most amazing specialist here in the entire Oklahoma area. Even the most highly rated not only for services, but for our employees. Employees are well educated That amazing bedside manner, and really take the time to sit down and listen to you, and find out what your needs are. We want to find the best possible solution for you, which is why we take our time in getting to know you.

If you’d like to schedule a visit, or consultation you make us a call at (918)935-3240, because our pain specialist in Tulsa, we will be able to find the perfect time to meet, and is flexible with your schedule. We don’t want to be trying the cream into a certain time, that you know you will not be able to make because of work or other commitments, which is why we are so flexibile with you. We work alongside with many wonderful insurance and healthcare providers. That is because we want to make sure our services affordable and available to everyone in the community not just those Medicare, or nationwide insurance etc. That is why we work with most major insurance companies, and we work with many smaller healthcare providers.

Even though we work with and are able to accommodate the needs for many of our patients through smaller healthcare providers, it is very important that you will with your insurance provider before coming to our office. Because if you can touch with your insurance provider and then, your able to personally verified services and benefits that are covered and are not covered by your insurance provider. That is important to know before coming to appointment, because we use have all of our patients pay upfront. If you are paying a co-pay, or you are paying for the entire procedure, it does need to be done upfront.

If you should have in your insurance providers, provided us with their insurance and are pain specialist in Tulsa will take care of billing them directly. So whether you are in need of headache relief, or you’ve been experiencing extreme lower back pain, or your interest in our drug recovery program are pain specialist in Tulsa is here to help. Because the only one of the community will try to get back to the community. If found the best way to get back to the community is to provide state-of-the-art facilities where our services are easily accessible and affordable to everyone, no matter their status.

We have worked very hard to ensure that our website provide a well-informed happy you’d be experience for engineers feature patients of us. So it go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com you will see that we have our procedures and services listed out, and recently subprocesses. We also have a very detailed list of the insurance providers that we work with, as well as a the industry all of our doctors and physicians. We want you to feel comfortable with, and know your doctor is which is why we provided a little bit about them on the website.