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Speak of pain medication or Owasso you probably don’t think of overwhelm pain and wellness clinic but you should because when it comes to pain medication or Owasso the. Best people to take care of it are the pain medication. So a specialist right here in Oklahoma pain and wellness center. We’ve been at this for quite a many years now. We have a wonderful comprehensive Web site that allows you to be able to move freely through and see a number of different things all the way from reviews and testimonials to. More about the doctors and what all they can do for you here. These are all great things that they’re able to do. You know. We. We see that. They are located in the celebrated Tulsa’s. Art Deco district am.
Dr. Jane batayle remodeled the building with an upscale industrial chic really pretty neat. Pain Medication Owasso.
If you haven’t seen the building it’s kind of nice just to see it and also to know that. It’s a completely green facility. There’s no fossil fuels used.
No geothermal.
Well. There is a facility heated and cooled by an in ground geothermal well deep below the parking lot. No fossil fuels are used on site and all equipment and products are purchased locally or in America. That facility makes every effort by environed to be environmentally responsible. Oklahoma pain and wellness center utilizes paperless records and promotes the use of renewable energy by supplying electrical vehicle plug ins to staff. So that just goes to show you how cutting edge they are they’re on the front curve of just everything.
The facility the doctors the equipment. I mean if you want the best pain management in Tulsa or Owasso you want to come right here to paint the wellness center where anyone trying to get pain medication or Owasso is going to be able to get that pain medication. All right here actually in Tulsa. The leading pain medication was so specialists. So anytime you have that question or need any kind of pain medication. So just give us a call right here and set an appointment today at 9 1 8 9 3 5. 3 2 4 0. You can go online to. OK.
Pain and wellness dot com. That’s OK. Pain and wellness. Pain Medication Owasso. Dot com or you can go schedule the appointment right here online on the schedule an appointment box can put your information in it’s really easy.
You can also get down to any one of our locations. You can check us on Facebook or Twitter. One hundred different ways to get in touch with us. All you have to do is take that first step.
It will help you take all the ones after that. Anytime you need pain management.
The number one specialist in Oklahoma and pain management of pain and wellness center. Where you are the most important thing.