Pain Medication Bixby | Getting Your Old Life Back

So if you’re looking for pain medication. Bixby. You’re going to want to go to the number one supplier of pain medication Bixby and that’s the Oklahoma Wellness Center right here in Tulsa. There’s two locations you can go to there wonderful Web site online. At. OK pain and wellness. OK pain and wellness dot com or call the number 9 1 8 9 3 5 3 2 4 0. The Oklahoma pain and Wellness Center has a great Web site where you can go online on Twitter or Facebook and see the post and news about them and kind of what they have going on. We love sharing with our customers and really being feeling like they’re a part of the family. Some of the things that you can you know kind of expect when you come to see us here is that you’ll be given a diagnosis. Pain Medication Bixby. You’ll be asked multiple questions or perform a physical examination and then we’ll find out if anything’s necessary such as x rays and MRI eyes. That it’s often difficult even to sometimes impossible to be hundred percent accurate about the diagnosis by this initial assessment of spine injections that are typically used to treat pain are also used as a way to diagnose the source of the pain. Today pain specialists will perform this injection under Live X-ray guidance to precisely place local anesthetic or numbing medication around or inside the suspected source of pain. If you obtain a significant relief from this injection it provides your physician with enough information to make an accurate diagnosis. Once your physician is confident about the diagnosis you may be a candidate for therapeutic injections.
Or injections that help you treat pain. So you know that’s the cool thing is that they have a really cool system you know being able to locate exactly where the pain is isn’t the hit and miss thing you’re not going to just get in a line and get pain pills. You’re going to come here and find out what it is that is wrong with you and how you can fix it. And you will get you know something to help with the pain in the meantime but you’re also going to get a plan for the future so that you’re not just. Treading water. You know and like I say continue to fill up that fill up that same tire with the same hole in it every every day expecting it to stay up when you ever fix the hole. So. That is you know the quintessential human being really you know nowadays so to combat all of that the good the pain the pills and all of this I would come by a lot of pain and wellness center myself and just have a checkup you know see where you stand out let them know what it is that kind of hurts what maybe you can do what your options are and they’ll be able to give you a lot more information as far as what they think your best option going forward would be and how you can deal with this thing. And you know the easiest fashion possible so that you’re not under all that stress and neither is anyone else. You know the thing is we want you to be able to just enjoy life.
You should be able to wake up and not have to think you know gee I want to get out of bed today. Pain Medication Bixby. I don’t know if I can actually physically do it that you know we want to be able to combat that. I want to make sure that you can get to your bed. I want you to be able to get out and make you know breakfast for your grandkids and go to the park with your kids and that those are the things they’re important so please if you are missing out already on a lot of activities because of your chronic pain. Don’t hesitate. Please give us a call at a painting wellness center at 9 1 8 9 3 5:32 40 and let us show you today why we are the premiere pain medication specialist in Tulsa and why everyone loves the awesome offices right here at the Oklahoma pain Wellness Center.