Pain Management that takes Medicare in Tulsa understand that whenever you come in to visit a pain management specialist, you will undergo a thorough assessment. The physician will ask you several questions about your pain, perform a physical examination and order any necessary studies. This detailed evaluation will provide your physician with the most very information to make a proper diagnosis of this condition. However, it is often very difficult and even impossible to be a hundred percent accurate diagnosis of this initial assessment. Spinal injections are typically used to treat pain are usually used as a way to diagnosis the source of your pain. The pain specialist will perform this injection under live x-ray guidance to precisely place local anesthetic, or numbing medication, around or inside the suspected source of pain. You obtain significant relief from this injection, it provides a position with enough information to make an accurate diagnosis.

Pain Management that takes Medicare in Tulsa understands that there are several different issues that you may be experiencing if you are dealing with chronic or acute pain. One example can be spinal stenosis. This is where there is calcification of the bugs which create osteophytes. This also creates herniated/bulging discs to be caused by specific types of trauma. Another possibility could be sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This is a pain that usually remains above the knee, but peaks extended all the way down to the ankle or foot. Another example can be facet joint inflammation. This is where a small facet is this small stabilizing joints that are located between and behind adjacent vertebrae and they guide and limit the movement of the spine. If these are inflamed, then you could be experiencing pain from this.

Pain Management that takes Medicare in Tulsa another explanation could be that you have received a herniated disc. This is where the nerve root gets irritated by compression by a herniated disc. Another example could’ve been a compression fracture where the pressure and force make the boat slow the crack and this causes the pain that you experienced. Another example could be degenerative disc disease. This is where the disc is either bulging dehydration or if there has been a decreased amount of hype in the disc just flattening of the disc. Another change could be three or and plates. Or changes to the vertebral body above and below the disc.

Once your physician is completely in this diagnosis, you may be a candidate for therapeutic injections or injections that help treat your pain. Most therapeutic spinal injections contain a corticosteroid, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication. The purpose of this injection is to place a small number of this potent anti-inflammatory medication precisely where the pain begins to provide you with this kind of pain relief.

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