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By searching for pain management that takes Cigna in Tulsa, you will find the Oklahoma pain and wellness medical centers are here every time you need us. From dusk till Dawn, even throughout the night, please have staff members here waiting to help you. We think that you should move forward, and your strive to be healthier, and happier. And you can only do that when you have help from wonderful medical professionals who have experienced. And if you want to become healthier and happier quickly, then the you need to contact Oklahoma pain and wellness.

We want you to stand a chance, which is why with our world-renowned doctors and physicians, you’ll receive top-notch care. In fact, you will have access to pain management that takes Cigna in Tulsa. With our multiple disciplinary approach you will receive a full-service package care plan. We are able to provide you injection therapy, offer guidance and chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, maybe even psychological counseling. We also offer addiction recovery programs, that are for the community. We are very community minded and we want to everyone overcome their addictions and health issues.

When you find pain management that takes Cigna in Tulsa, and their mission is to be more community minded, and reduce prescription drug abuse in our community, you know that they not only have experience and have done the research, but that they care. You want to have experienced doctors in some of the nation’s leading board-certified physicians and pain relief, pain management, and wellness. They are very committed to their patients and Paul only offer on the highest quality care. Every time you come in, we will treat you just like family members.

We are your support system here, so whether you’re going to be addiction recovery program, or you are feeding massage therapy services we are here to help. And we can offer you the help and pain management experience and service every time you need us. We work with many different insurance companies, because we believe everyone should have access to healthcare regardless of how much money they have in the bank. And so, that is why we have become the in network company for many insurance providers. Being one of Oklahoma’s highly recommended, and highly rated wellness centers, we should offer amazing services and amazing prices.

We will always be here for you, night or day, however if you have questions, or you need to schedule another appointment to receive a joint injection, or have help from pharmacologic therapy sessions, we will offer guidance you. All you have to do is dial this number (918) 935-3240. It’s only a matter of time, before you come to the greatest Oklahoma pain and wellness center. So now is a time to go online for website@okpainandwellness.com, & into the patient portal and begin a new patient form.