Pain injections in Tulsa | where do you go for pain management?

If you are going anywhere but Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center you are going to want to check out our website where you are going to find the leading physicians to help manage your pain and to receive pain injections in Tulsa. At our facility you are going to find one of the very few physicians that will warm neuromodulation implants for headaches in a chronic migraine. He is also going to be able to offer guided in surgical services, he will also be able to provide you treatment for those in numerous pains the that you may be facing. Whether you have chronic migraines disc issues joint problems back pain different joint dysfunctions this is going to be the facility that is going to be able to offer you the most specialized and comprehensive treatment for your medical issues.

We are pleased to feature Dr. Chan who graduated from the national University of Singapore medical school and completed his anesthesiology to training in Singapore before coming to the United States he is American Board of anesthesiology certified in the in the theology and pain management his training encompasses all pain management needs including a multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain he is he also believes and treating pain management using physical therapy services and behavior Madison counseling. He also believes in interventional pain procedures as well these are all going to be things that will help you manage your pain better without the need for pain injections in Tulsa.

We also at Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center have a Dr. Samuel a man he graduated from up on the University with honors in 2003 with more than 13 years of experience he deals with addiction medicine and internal medicine he is going to be at amazing Dr. to help with your attention struggles, he is going to be a doctor who will be able to administer those pain injections in Tulsa for you.

Dr. William Yarborough has been a practicing in the state of Oklahoma in 1977. He became the medical director of the 12 at 12 drug and alcohol treatment center over 20 years ago. He’s been practicing pain management in the Tulsa area for a large number of years and will be able to assist you with your pain management as well as in your addiction issues.

These are just some of the view of phenomenal physicians that we have working with us at Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center you can call our office and schedule an appointment with any of these amazing doctors during our normal business hours at 918-935-3240. Before you call the set up your appointment you are going to want to go to our website where you can be more about these physicians and the rest of our amazing staff. While you’re there you are also going to want to read our reviews and watch some of our emotional heartfelt testimonial videos that describe the treatment that we of offer and how we of been able to change people’s lives.

Pain injections in Tulsa | do you have an addiction problem?

At Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center you are going to find that we are going to be able to help you with any addiction issues at that you may currently have. We are striving to help improve our community by a helping out with addiction medicine which will help to change the aspects of these your lies with nontraditional therapies and traditional therapies that may help you overcome your addiction struggles. We have at pain injections in Tulsa so therefore you do not have to worry about taking a medication Holmdel for you to possibly abuse.

We offer a comprehensive assessment for substance abuse. With this assessment we are going to help decide whether you have a is you with alcohol or drug dependency and how much care for that you are actually going to need it. We also have doctors that will be happy to prescribe a medication that will help you relieve these symptoms while going through rehab if that is something if you need it. RSS us are accompanied by descriptive narrative for use of a doctors, attorneys or other professionals upon request. So if you are in need of a substance abuse assessment for any court case including to Voris, child custody, criminal proceeding you will be able to find those here. You will also find in your supplier for pain injections in Tulsa at our location.

We will also be able to help support you with pain injections in Tulsa so you are less likely to have a prescription pill to abuse. On top of the substance abuse assessment that we are happy to provide to our clients we also offer individual counseling sessions as necessary. You will feel safe and secure in these one-on-one sessions where we will help you be claimed your life. Emotional, mental health, employment, medical, and family, and social issues these are all things that can be Lists for addiction therefore these are tackled in a therapy session were we will discuss the problems and we will tailor meet the needs of the person to help with a comprehensive treatment plan to guide you along the way.

If you are not interested in one on one counseling we to also offer group sessions if these group sessions we will be able to help you in a group environment. The scrip environments help you feel as though you are not alone! There are other people out there with the same kinds of struggles that you are experiencing and they will be able to help you and support you in a way that a one on one session may not provide you. Humans have a natural instinct to congregate in group therapy becomes a tool to help promote wellness with members and help build each other up.

Check out our website at www.okpainandwellness.com/ where you will be able to read out all of our amazing reviews and watch our emotional video testimonials about the lives we have touched and change with the multiple therapies that we have to offer you. Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center can be reached at 918-935-3240 number to schedule your appointment.