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This content was written for Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center.

If you are looking for Lumbar epidural steroid injections in Tulsa Oklahoma. I highly suggest reaching out to the professionals here at Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center. There constantly going above and beyond to deliver the best and highest quality client care in the nation. There’s not another pain management center that offers this hands-on and holistic approach to healing. You’ll absolutely love working with the very friendly and outgoing doctors, counselors and physicians here at Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center.

Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center a multilocation pain management facility that is dedicated to revolutionary holistic approach to helping patients with acute and chronic pain. They are constantly striving to provide much-needed relief in order to give their patients the ability to enjoy their active and healthy lifestyle that they had before the pain became so immense that they could barely function. This is your goto place for Lumbar epidural steroid injections in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Their doctors are from very prestigious medical Universities including; Harvard University, University of California San Francisco, Boston University, Mount Sinai, and St. Louis University. Just to mention a few. All of their physicians are board certified in pain management and are extremely experienced in many holistic approaches. They provide the full kit and caboodle in order to each you back on the right track to management your pain effectively. If you are looking for Lumbar epidural steroid injections in Tulsa Oklahoma, then look no further than Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center. One of their featured doctors, Dr. Patel is a graduate from Boston University and he has continued his training at Mount Sinai school of medicine. He completed one year of general surgery training and he has constantly furthering his specialization and anesthesiology at the New York University. He is one of our premier doctors that operate here at Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center.

Promise you’ll not find any other physicians that go above and beyond quite like the ones here at Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center. They are extremely dedicated to their patients and will do anything in their power to help alleviate their pain and get them back to living a comfortable life. You will absolutely love working with the physicians and the wellness clinic as they truly have your best interests at heart and want to see you succeed at life and live as pain-free as possible. They offer many different holistic approaches that they can take into use a few medicine. With the surge of the opiate epidemic may have really tried to curb medicine abuse and focus more on a natural homeopathic approach.

You first walk into Oklahoma Pain & Wellness Center state-of-the-art facilities you will feel at home they are extremely welcoming and friendly to all new patients. They treat not only the patients, but their family members staying there with the utmost respect and dignity.

If you’d like more information please visit their website today at www.okpainandwellness.com or call them at (918) 935-3240.