Low back pain | Tingling sensation

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Have you been experiencing low back pain for quite some time? Maybe it’s from sitting at your desk for too long, or for not stretching properly after workoutWhatever the reason your lower back is killing you and you need to find a solution immediately.
If you are experiencing inflammations, and typically stationed in your lower back, you need to give Oklahoma pain and wellness center call at (918)935-3240, because you may be experiencing a more serious problem and need a more serious solution. You may want to look into a transforaminal injection.

I know most likely nine out of 10 you have never even heard of a transforaminal injection. With is is is a long acting steroid that is injected into the opening process find where fruit exists. There’s a small suite of epidural space that it out of the nerve root for short distance and this is just outside of the spinal canal. This injection helps reduce the inflammation and swelling of your spinal nerve roots and other tissues around it. It will reduce tingling and numbness, as well as inflammation and swelling or irritation. It helps reduce low back pain and can be used to identify specific spinal group levels values.

This injection is a mixture of saline solution and a local anesthetic that is your long acting steroid medication. It is an extremely small amount of medication that is actually injected into your spinal root, so you don’t need to worry about becoming addicted to insert medication to help reduce your low back pain this procedure only takes a few minutes, so really is up to you to have 10 minutes spare and then return the great results in reducing your pain. For he going to have between just continue to suffer through it tingling, and inflammation and swelling that you’ve been experiencing for months.

Because this procedure is done so quickly you do not need to go under. You are however under some local anesthesia, because the amount of sedation depends upon the patient. How we actually perform the procedure we will insert the needle that is under x-ray guidance. Once you injection isit will feel like normal pain they feel and distribution of a particular spinal nerve root. This is from the best injections can do for your body, because if you receive this injection it will reduce all of your swelling, irritation, and inflammation as well as other symptoms such as tingling the burning sensation. It will reduce your low back pain, the don’t hesitate today against a call.

Our physicians in aesthetic, and doctors are all waiting to see. They are extremely well experienced in these areas of service. They’ve been practicing this for many years so you can absolutely know that you are in great hands. If you would like to go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com, Oklahoma pain and wellness center had done their best to provide a informational website for you. Not only want to provide you with all the step-by-step process is called the procedures in injection that we conduct, but we really are here to help lower your back pain, she wanted to read through some personal testament of previous patients of ours that have found procedures and instructions extremely helpful and beneficial for them.