Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections in Tulsa | A Brand-New Person

This content was written for Oklahoma Pain and Wellness

If you are looking for lumbar support, or to help relieve pain, you may benefit from lumbar epidural steroid injections in Tulsa. These lumbar injections are provided by Oklahoma pain and wellness care medical facilities. They are done by our amazing physicians and doctors, because they are highly trained, highly experienced common highly qualified to provide the services for you. As soon as you receive this injection, any of our patients has said that they have felt like a brand-new person. They were able to enjoy life more, sleep easier, and have full use of their legs and arms.

If you’d like to find out if you are a qualified candidate for lumbar epidural steroid injections in Tulsa, you can schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our consultants. That meeting will take place here at Oklahoma pain and wellness, and during this free consultation, we will start out by asking you detailed questions about your personal medical history, as well as the medical history of your immediate family members as well to our aunts uncles, and grandparents. He will then provide a physical exam to see what kind of use you have with your legs and arms. After conducting a physical examination, we will then move on to x-raying your entire body.

We are then able to take that information that we learned, and consult with another physician and we will decide whether or not you are a qualified candidate for lumbar epidural steroid injections in Tulsa. Now there’s nothing to be afraid of with these epidurals are worried injections, they are mainly risk-free. There are no immediate horrible benefits from using it, however we all know, that there is no medicine, or health practice that is completely risk-free. And more than likely, the benefits far outweigh any side effects is experience. However, with peace of lumbar injections, you are gonna see you decrease in the pain, and spelling in your bodies.

So if you are ready to receive lumbar epidural steroid injections, please ago to Oklahoma pain and wellness website. You can start to fill out the new patient forms online, that way when you come into the office will already have that portion of the process taking care of, and you will not have to wait 20 or 30 minutes while doing so. We will then put you in our system, and take you back to one of our physicians groups. They will then perhaps the area where they are going to inject the needle, by sterilizing it, and injecting you with local anesthetic. This way it numbs the area, and you will not feel pain in your lower back.

If you have questions about anything during this process, or how you are gonna feel like a brand-new person, or if you should receive these pricey year, please call (918) 935-3240. We can answer all those questions for you and more! You are gonna feel healthier and happier every day. The care from our highly trained physicians and doctors, you will feel up to 100%.