Hip injections in Tulsa | Hips don’t lie

This content was written for Oklahoma pain and wellness Center

If you have been experiencing extreme discomfort and pain in your hips, affecting the use of your leg, and extending over, sitting, or injuring yourself during many other activities you may want to consider giving us a call here at Oklahoma pain and wellness center. You may reach us at (918)935-3240 we have one of our amazing customer service representatives waiting to speak with you. Especially with hip pain it can make every day to day tasks extremely difficult from bending over to your own shoes, to picking something up off the floor it may cause extreme pain for you. We are able to relieve this pain by providing you with a hip injections in tulsa.

Hip injections in Tulsa have become a common procedure that it’s quick, efficient, and affordable for the general population. We want to make it available and affordable to everyone in the community because we believe that pain management should not come in an extreme the price. Many clients to be a recommended procedure for have not only love the result that it provides, perhaps seen amaxing results within the first week. If you want to find out if you qualify for Easter worried injection, give us a call at our phone number, or go online to okpainandwellness.com where we are able to schedule you a consultation is your first visit with our wonderful doctors and physicians.

Whenever you receive a hip injections in Tulsa, it should not affect your day-to-day life, or work schedule. Because we use a thin needle to penetrate deep tissues and muscles, and inject cortisone into the inflamed joint, the only side effect that you should be seeing is for muscles. The medication or steroid is meant to last from several weeks to several months. And you will feel it start to work within 3 to 5 days, however if you are not seeing results in 2 to 3 weeks you need to contact the office, because your body may need a second injection to help speed up the process.

We highly advise altercations after receiving a hip injections and told us to take it easy. You most likely will not want to drive home, so you’ll want to find a ride, and you will need to apply ice and heat to the affected area. You are still able to perform the many day-to-day activities, but if you are completing an activity or project and it’s causing extreme pain my advice is to run and let your body repair take care of itself. Will not find any more experienced and knowledgeable during technicians here at Oklahoma pain and wellness center.

We do want to make you aware that when we clean the area that we are going to stick, the also numb you up with local anesthetic. This helps reduce the pain that you feel when the needle is injected into the tissues, but don’t worry because the local anesthetic will only last for a few hours. So for a few hours you will be pain free, and then after that you will experience soreness, and some pain in your joint. You won’t be put out to you don’t have to worry about being drowsy when you drive, but if you would like a friend or trusted want to drive you home that was acceptable for them to sit on the procedures all. If the call today because we can help ease all of your hip pain and that’s what were all about your Oklahoma pain and wellness center.