Headache relief in Tulsa | tension headaches

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If you have been experiencing a lot of tension headaches for the last few weeks, you may just think you’re a little under the weather, or it is due to the onset of all the allergies in the spring. However, that is not always the case. And a lot of tension headaches can be caused by your occipital nerves. These are located right behind your head, on the face of your head. This is where you’re headed need your neck, and often times headaches that are caused by these nerves can often be confused for tension headaches. So if you’ve been receiving a lot of intense migraines, or tension headaches lately, you may want to look into Oklahoma pain and wellness center so that they can provide you headache relief in Tulsa.

Now the purpose of providing you with an occipital nerve block is to you soon right, and other local anesthetics to help reduce pain and swelling. When you reduce the swelling and irritation it decreases were chance and likelihood of experiencing tension headaches as well as extreme migraines every day. And so, if you want to work with one of the best companies in the world, you need to come to Tulsa Oklahoma. That is where Oklahoma pain and wellness center is located. We want to provide you headache relief in Tulsa because we know that when you have those excruciating headaches, everyone’s your entire day.

Not only does it cause you pain, but you are unable to stand and walk correctly without feeling dizzy, the light may be extremely bright, and noises can seem amplified. And if ibuprofen just isn’t doing the trick, you may need something stronger. Just like an occipital nerve block. This way, after we reduce the swelling in the back of your head Internet, will no longer have such horrible headaches, and you will be provided with headache relief in Tulsa every time you need it. Oklahoma pain and wellness medical care center is here to be your perfect care provider. We want to make sure that regardless of what your health history is why that you have access to some truly amazing procedures whenever you need them.

There will not be a lot of pain from his procedure, however, there will be a little bit. These injections are done with a small needle, and so we will number of the surrounding area of insertion, however, you will feel a little sore for the following days after. Now you do need to be sitting or lying down during this procedure so that we have access and the ability to get to that lower point on your neck/head.

Now I would encourage you before coming in for your free consultation with one of our consultants, to let go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com. Once you go online, then that everything our physicians and doctors has done from going to school, to being trained has been for helping care of their patients. That is because they are extremely passionate and care about you. If you have any questions please give the call at (918) 935-3240.