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Suffering from extreme headaches or migraines, cannot only slow you down throughout the day, they will increase your risk for irritation, swelling, and if we do not find a solution, you will experience continual headaches. So if you’d like to find headache relief in Tulsa, Oklahoma pain and wellness center a call. Because once the contract that the you will find out what is at the root of the issue. There are many variations that could be the cause of your headaches. It could be stress-related, or you may have been out of place in your spine or in your neck, there are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing headaches. So it is important that you can touch the specialist to find out why.

Our specialists here Oklahoma pain and wellness center or something as well educated and well experienced men and women. There able to not only provides you with affordable great, but we will work alongside with your insurance providers provide you headache relief in Tulsa. We work with most major insurance companies and some smaller healthcare providers, however if you have a question about policy may cover just getting in contact with your insurance provider and with us here at the office. Because in theory provides you with a courtesy where we will verify what benefits and procedures, and services that you qualify for.

Just because your insurance care provider may not fully cover a certain service or procedure, that doesn’t mean that you should go without headache relief in Tulsa. Which is why we are able to set up payment plans. Now we do charge the first payment up front. So even if your insurance care provider covers service or benefit, you do have to take your co-pay the first is in the office. We ask that you paid before the service is completed and then after the physician should sue over, you are free to go. And then if there is any left over balance, we do hold you accountable to your bills. It will make you aware of these families, or if you would like us to direct the bill your insurance, provided that the information and we’ll be able to mail or fax out the proper forms in billing statements.

We want to help you get rid of your headaches for good. So whether you are in need of our our chiropractic or occupational therapist, she will be able to fix that crick in your kneck. They may indefinitely and provide you headache relief in Tulsa. Another solution to providing headache relief by giving you an occipital nerve block. This is a steroid injection that uses steroids or other medication around the greater and lesser occipital nerves. By doing this it reduces swelling of the tissue around the service as well as information. It will reduce your pain and provide to us headache for the and other symptoms that were caused by inflammation or irritation of these nerves. So typically headaches that are over the back of the head including certain types of tension headaches or migraines may respond positively to these nerve block.

Alice injection normally only takes a few minutes, and the inserting a needle through your deeper tissues. Immediately after the injection is completed, you will feel your pain produce in your headache relief in Tulsa immediately. You should start noticing more long-lasting relief of pain starting the third day. You’ll want to rest were a couple minutes in the office, just because most patients due to the puzzle. We do advise you to take it easy for a few hours after, and you may want to apply ice area, to help prevent bruising or excess swelling. Something something that may provide a great solution for you can call at (918)935-3240, online to our website@okpainandwellness.com schedule an appointment today.