Find Pain Medication in Tulsa | Strengthening Yourself

Are you hoping to find pain medication in Tulsa. Well I can help you find that right here at the Oklahoma wellness pain and wellness center. You can go to their wonderful comprehensive Web site at.
OK painfulness dot com where you can see a big about them section which is really great you can see about their providers.
Dr. Leslie Chan he’s joined the Oklahoma pain Wellness Center team from southwest Missouri and he brings considerable skill in the eight years of experience in the field of pain management and is seen as he geology he’s provision and quite a few different services services whether it be Burreson Jackson’s joint injections lumbar transformation transforming those he can do all of those.
He is a very very intelligent man and so are the other staff that we have here.
And we would love to have you come down and be able to meet us here in person and see why we truly do love to help people find pain medication in Tulsa because it keeps people from hurting and it keeps them from resorting to other means of expression. When it comes to anger or other means of you know drug abuse or alcohol abuse when the pain does not go away and so we want to help a live you know alleviate that so you can get back to being you and get back to living your life with your family. Being a dad being a boyfriend girlfriend brother sister Those are the things that are important we want you to be able to get back to that as soon as possible so if you are in pain and you are trying to find pain medication in Tulsa Please try to find pain medications also right here at the experts and find pain medication. Tulsa we hope that you will take a few moments to go by either one of our locations in person.
We have one on Shepherd One on 15th Street and that’s at 10:32. He’s 15th street sweep 1 0 2.
We have one at 64th a self shared him and I’m not really sure what the actual week it just says maybe Friday. I assume they’re closed on the weekend so you don’t have to make it during you know during the week folks. But they are open from 8 to 5 and they do say that they do closed for lunch now at noon to 1. So I don’t know you know the day will be gone then so you have to call or something you can do it online here and make an appointment or you can just give him a call and leave a message and they’ll call you right back.
They’re back from lunch but it’s just a great place to be able to come and get help and not have to feel like that your you know in a place where they’re judging you may be or whether you were you feel like they don’t really take into consideration what you need.
We want to find pain medication in Tulsa that works. And so that’s what we’re on a mission for. And each person that we can help cure that and feel better that’s you know the better we are. So if you want a chance to help better the community just as we are. Please if you know someone who is addicted or has pain and needs help get them to go home and pain and Wellness Center in Oklahoma and we’d be glad to be able to do our best for them.