Doctors who treat pain in Tulsa | are you happy with your doctor?

We are a get a dedicated team of doctors who treat pain in Tulsa! At our facility you are going to find that we are top-notch when it comes to your pain management services. You are going to find that we will go above and beyond that you treat all of your pain whether you are suffering from a chronic pain condition or whether you are only going to be needing pain management for the short term while you are healing from a acute injury. We are going to be the team of doctors that you are going to want to choose to manage this care.

Our doctors are an amazing team of professionals who have been treating pain management for more than 45 years combined. Our doctors are phenomenal when it comes to using the latest diagnostic tool to find out exactly what is causing your chronic pain. Sometimes the you may have been misdiagnosed and therefore a fracture has gone untreated, if that is the case then we will quickly and easily be able to find the problem and remedy your pain issues. If it is not something that simple we have a number of other diagnostic tools available for us to utilize as a doctors who treat pain in Tulsa.

You are going to be astounded with the quality of care at the you are going to be receiving from our medical staff. Our doctors who treat pain in Tulsa are going to work tirelessly to ensure that you are receiving high quality care and that you are going to be able to live pain free. Our paying doctors will do their best to ensure that you remain comfortable why they are in the process of diagnosing you. We have a phenomenal staff with a state-of-the-art medical facility to be able to assist us in treating you.

Our team of highly responsive nurses and office staff will never leave you on hold for hours on and while you wait and bag for your refills. Our team will ensure that all of your medication is refill it quickly and easily we have convenient online to refill requesting available so therefore you never even have to call and speak to one of our professionals. Simply fill out the refill request online and then a you will be able to go to the pharmacy and pick up your refills at your convenience.

Our doctors completely understand that you have a life to live therefore we will do our best to never to inconvenience you and we will always do our best to be respectful of your personal schedule. You can check out our website at www.okpainandwellness.com/ for our reviews and watch our emotional and heartfelt video testimonials from clients and patients like you whose lives have been changed with our treatment. You can also and speak to one of our amazing office personnel to be educated on all of the options that are available to you, as well as the insurance we currently accept at 918-935-3240. Don’t let pain rule your life for another day call us today to schedule your first assessment.