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If you are trying to find the doctors who treat pain in Tulsa Oklahoma, you’ll be very pleased to find that the pain specialist located here Oklahoma pain and wellness. Oklahoma pain and wellness has been one of Oklahoma’s most highly recommended and performing medical care centers and all of Oklahoma. That’s right, and this entire state, everyone would recommend you to go to Oklahoma pain and wellness. With our up-to-date facilities and their hard-working attitude, they are able to help all of their patients feel 100% better!

As doctors who treat pain in Tulsa, we understand that here Oklahoma pain and wellness center, you are looking for something more than anyone else has been able to provide you created that is exactly why with our compassionate care, that we work hard to provide you accurate diagnosis and answers to your questions. From the moment you walk in, we are gonna be there by your side, helping you along your path to recovery. Whether you are struggling with addiction, and need to be in our addiction recovery program, or if you just are in need of some wonderful massage therapy services you will find them here provided by us.

Like doctors who treat pain in Tulsa, we all understand how important it is of that we continue education. Not only have we attended universities like Brown University, St. Louis University, and Harvard University, but we continue to learn and to train with other professionals. We say on top of this, because as the world changes so do our medical needs. There are going to be new diseases, new technology, and as all that comes along, we need to adapt to the changes. It’s our understanding, that as medical professionals, we need to use our knowledge and experience for good. Which is exactly why year provide you with a free consultation or we want to x-rays and provide you with a physical exam.

This physical exam and free consultation will be used so that we can seek you are qualified for treatments and program. While some of our programs are free like our addiction recovery program, there is a limited spacing, and so if you do not have that desire to change, or your appointment your life where you do not want to change, then we will have to do it have to up as a participant and give us much another person. However, that is not mean that we are not going to continue working with you, because of the well.

If you have questions for us, or some of the other medical staff members your Oklahoma pain and wellness about our pain specialist these contact us by calling (918) 935-3240. You may also find out more information about how our company firsthand Oklahoma, how we strive to be environmentally friendly to help protect the economy and how we provide all of our patients and their family members compassionate care. Just go online to okpainandwellness.com and will find all the information you need a more.