Botox injections in Tulsa | are you looking for pain management that cares?

At Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center you are going to find that we understand that you have a choice for your pain management needs. That is why we are going to be the ones that are able to show you how much we truly care and value you as a human. You are going to see with us so that we will treat you with the utmost respect. Never will be accuse you of speaking drugs or treating you like you are unworthy of our help. We offer a number of treatment programs whether you are needing to be treated for pain, chronic pain or whether you do have an addiction issue we are going to be able to help you. Whether you are needing Botox injections in Tulsa or more traditional pain management therapy is we are going to have a solution for you.

With all of our services that you are going to be receiving care from the most amazing industry leading board certified physicians that are available in Tulsa. With the number of treatment options that are available you will be able to expect the most phenomenal care with industry leading treatment that could possibly change your life! With the Botox injections in Tulsa you may find that we will look to a lumbar sympathetic block. If you are suffering from lower back pain this is going to be a treatments that will inject an anesthetic around the sympathetic nerves. This is all going to be part of the sympathetic nervous system these are nervous that are located on either side of the spine in your lower back. These nerves can carry the pain information to the spinal cord and then to your brain causing you additional pain.

The actual injection time for this procedure is only going to take between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the severity of the pain it we may end up taking additional time to ensure that we have numbed all of those nerves to give you the best amount of relief possible. This may also include a Botox injections in Tulsa to help make this a longer-lasting treatment.

Most injection treatments we offer are not going to cause you to be put under said station rather we will be using a local anesthetic to numb the area as as we need to to ensure that we are able to get a good deep injection so we can have the nerve that may be causing a you that pain.

At Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center you we are going to be the ones that you are going to want to use for all of your pain management needs. We understand that you have a choice and we thank you for choosing us. You can view all of our testimonials from our other pain-free patients at www.okpainandwellness.com/ and call today to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to schedule your first assessment with us at 918-935-3240.

Botox injections in Tulsa | who do you use for pain management?

Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center is dedicated to ensure you receive as the best quality medical care possible for your pain management needs. We offer Botox injections in Tulsa to treat a number of medical issues that could be causing you pain. We have a amazing staff of a board-certified physicians to treat any of the issues you may have. Let me begin to introduce you to our staff.

Dr. Jayen Patel is the leader of our facility. He graduated from Boston University school of medicine and after completing his pre-clinical education he was room Ward in his M.D. and it did clinical rotations with the old leading hospital Boston medical Center he expanded his clinical activities to include medical missions to Kenya and Peru during his final year in Boston. He continued his training at Mount Sinai school of medicine in Manhattan New York where he completed a year of general surgical training. He then went on to further his specialization in anesthesiology at New York University and is a board-certified anesthesiologists through the American Board of interest in theology. This is the guy you are going to want to use for your Botox injections in Tulsa.

When Dr. Patel began his professional career he went to Boston University where he originally earned his bachelors of arts in biology summa cum laude for his research on it mammalian neuroendocrinology. He was awarded the distinguished Howard Hughes Fellowship award for independent research which led to his senior thesis concerning the hormonal effects of the brain that predict behavior. That research awarded Dr. Patel a distinction biology sciences at Boston University and then was named as the class speaker. Dr. Patel is originally from Kenya and his cities speaking a number of languages has many interests be on the medicine the lie and photography painting Skiba diving golf and travel. What other doctor in Tulsa which you want for Botox injections in Tulsa.

Dr. Patel was also voted best three pain management doctors in Tulsa. If we are the best for Botox injections in Tulsa why would you go anywhere else for your pain management needs? Our Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center is going to be able to provide you with the most phenomenal services for all of your pain management needs. This is just one of our many doctors and the award-winning education that he has received he is going to be able to provide you with the most industry-leading treatments.

Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center has a large number of video testimonials as well as written reviews available on our website for you to look at at www.okpainandwellness.com/ you can also call okay number to schedule your appointment today. Our video testimonials are going to be from people like you why are you waiting and suffering another day this is going to be there facility that will offer you the most comprehensive treatment for your pain management needs.