Back pain in Tulsa | are you experiencing back pain?

We are going to be the highest rated back pain in Tulsa and treatment ability that you are going to be able to find. At Oklahoma Pain and Wellness Center we are going to be dedicated in offering a few the services that the you are going to need to manage your back pain. Your backpack can because by a number of different medical diagnosis. Whether you are struggling with compression fractures that are being caused by osteoporosis we understand that bone density can cause the vertebrae to compress and lead to fractures. Most people don’t even realize that there are compression fractures in their spine causing their back pay.

Whether you know that you have compression fractures or whether or not they are painful this can lead to additional fractures and spinal deformities. It can also cause you to lose the ability to function and even cause breathing difficulties. If you currently have osteoporosis to you realize that you are at a higher risk for compression fractures that may be as a result of your simple daily activities such as bending or lifting, or could have been caused by just a minor fall. With the additional symptoms and for compression fractures you will find that that they include a loss in height. This is one of the many reasons that older people seem to appear to shrink as they get older. In many of these are associated it with back pain in Tulsa.

You also understand that humpback could be caused by a number of compression fractures that were caused by osteoporosis. If you are having a balance issue you may also be experiencing osteoporosis symptoms. There are going to be a number of neurological symptoms associated with osteoporosis including tingling, weakness, numbness this is a recent study from the the Journal of bone and mineral research that looked into the death rates of nearly 900,000 patients and they had a convertible compression fractures and showed that we can pression fractures treated with the services that we can offer where 37% less likely to die. Are you experiencing back pain in Tulsa do you know what’s causing it? If not you need to come see us for an extensive a diagnostic panel.

Our team of specialists that will be able to give you a thorough and comprehensive diagnostic to help see if you are experiencing any of these symptoms related to your back pain. If this is the case of we will be able to help.

Check out our website at www.okpainandwellness.com/ to see the complete list of symptoms and back pain diagnosis and see if we will be able to help you. You can also call us during our regular business hours to schedule an exam. Our phone number is 918-935-3240. While you’re on our website you’re going to want to read our reviews and watch our video testimonials from other clients we have been able to assist.