Addiction treatment in Tulsa | you can be the change

This content was written for Oklahoma pain and wellness

If you’ve been struggling with addiction for many years, and you have seen no light at the end of the tunnel, and you have no way to get out of the situation, you need contact Oklahoma pain and wellness. Oklahoma pain and wellness is one of Oklahoma’s most highly rated and reviewed medical care facilities as well as being the provider for addiction treatment in Tulsa. Our addiction treatment program is very important and is funded by the state of Oklahoma, all their participants do not have to pay a single penny. That way, the financial situation will never hinder them from receiving the medical treatment that they need.

Now if you’ve been trying to search for your vote to change, so that you can attend the addiction treatment in Tulsa program, which your family members, your friends, and to yourself. Often times for many of our participants, they have said that their inspiration came from family members. That little spark that ignited them was able to help them move forward to take that first step in this whole process until they had the desire themselves. Now, this treatment program can be very helpful and very extensive for you, however, first, we need to schedule you your first consultation, which is frequently.

This consultation is going to be done by one of our medical staff members, one of our highly trained physicians who attended Harvard University, and one of our leading counselors. They are going to provide you a substance abuse assessment to figure out where the dependency levels. This way, as you start the addiction treatment in Tulsa, we will know exactly how we can help you, what medications may need to be administered to you, and how much care or time you may need with one of our counselors, or a group their professions After this substance abuse assessment, we have a simple three-step method to help you recover from your addiction.

The first start off with the substance abuse assessment, that these assessments will be held many times throughout the entire program. You’ll start out with an assessment, it will usually be one right in the middle of your time here in the program, then when at the end. And in between all of the substance abuse assessment, you are gonna be meeting to, it to three times a week with more own counselor, and you’re gonna be having one-on-one hour-long sessions. You are then going to be a meeting with a group for therapy every week.

Group therapy could be very helpful beneficial for you in many ways. Visit group therapy session every week is going to act as were the support system that when you are having a hard time staying clean, worried you want to celebrate a when no matter how big or small it is, they will be here support you either way. They can also share their personal experiences and you will be able to relate to them in a way that no one else has. Now if you have questions about this program, or you’d like to find a little more information please against the call at (918) 935-3240, or go online to okpainandwellness.com.