Addiction treatment in Tulsa | turning your life around

This content was written for Oklahoma pain and wellness Center

One of the biggest problems our society faces today is drug abuse. And when you hear the word drug abuse your mind immediately goes to meth, cocaine, and other hard substances. Another commonly abused drug is prescription medication. Here at Oklahoma pain and wellness center we have offer to all of our community members an addiction and substance abuse treatment center. Because we want help a community members get back on their feet which is why we’re able to provide some of the best addiction treatment in Tulsa. If you or you know if a loved one, who is suffering from a good addiction or substance abuse, give us a call at (918)935-3240 we can get started today.

We want help you turn your life around which is why we use a holistic approach to help our members manage their pain. Many of our patients after years and years of opioid use find that they are addicted to the very medication that gave them pain relief, and help assist them in functioning. Many of residence and Oklahoma faced this problem. Is why Oklahoma pain and wellness has added an addiction medicine component to our Tulsa may management and wellness program. We want you to avoid drug dependency, and abuse as much as possible which is why it when you use our services that we help provide addiction treatment in Tulsa education. Our program includes three board-certified addiction medicine doctors, into licensed counselors.

When we are able to integrate medication assisted therapy programs that include highly important component of counseling techniques and cognitive behavioral therapies for patients are not only described counseling, their counseling services consist of substance abuse assessment, personal one-on-one counseling, and for counseling. Because we are not only able to help rehabilitate you into life without the assistance of these drugs, but you will see that you are not alone. Having our addiction treatment in Tulsa group, is able to provide to encouragement, and a group of trusted friends and family members they can turn to for support.

To determine the presence of either drug dependence for alcohol dependence. Many we’re able to assess what kind of level of care that you are in need of, and then it will be accompanied with a descriptive narrative for these of all our doctors attorneys and other professionals on request. We provide you with a personal individual counseling because it provides you with us safe atmosphere where you can rely on confidential and nonjudgmental settings. We are able to help in all areas of your life including substance abuse, emotional and mental health, medical family employment and social issues. every session completely tailored to meet the needs of who were working with. Because everyone is fighting a different battle. So give us a call today at (918)935-3240, or go online to our website@okpainandwellness.com where we can provide you the information for our addiction treatment in Tulsa.

And lastly we provide you with group counseling. Group counseling provides you with a small therapeutic group that is often assisted individuals not only learning new techniques for helping them to identify and overcome triggers. They are able to see others experiences and how they overcome their triggers and been able to identify is the sole issue that is leading them to abuse alcohol, or drugs. Were able to completely transform the behaviors and forming new healthy ones to take its place. Group therapy is an extremely powerful tool that is used to promote the wellness of the members by becoming aware of recovery of others, being able to see the success of realtors will help motivate them to make the changes in their life.